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I.T. Solutions Chula Vista

Home or Business. Fast Mobile Computer Repair Service 7 Days A Week. We Come To You.

Computer, Desktop, Laptop, PC, & MAC Repairs

I.T. Solutions Chula Vista is the best choice for all your mobile computer repair and service needs. We provide fast and reliable repair services, come to you to fix your computer quickly, and specialize in all computer models.

We specialize in repairing and servicing all computer models. If the issue is more complex and requires more time to fix, we will take your computer to our repair center and return it to you as soon as its fixed. Pick up and drop off service at no additional cost.

Let us help you get back up and running in no time!

Se habla Español Reparación y mantenimiento de equipo de cómputo. Contamos con técnicos especializados en reparación de laptops y computadoras así como en reparación de tablets y celulares.

PC, Desktop, Laptop, and Tablet Computer Repairs

Windows Computer Repair
We provide Windows computer repairs that make sense technically and financially. We will help you find an effective and affordable computer repair solution.

Laptop Repair Service
Extend the lifetime of your machine with a laptop repair or service. Rely on genuine advice on whether your laptop requires servicing, repairs or refurbishment.

Liquid Damage Treatment
Switch off your device, remove the battery and take it for liquid damage treatment immediately. No amount of rice will treat the internal components of your device.

PC Upgrades (Varied Parts & Components)
Improve your computer's performance with a computer upgrade. Our PC upgrades come at a fraction of the price of a new desktop computer with the same specifications.

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